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It gives me a really good feeling when old customers get in touch with their next project... They might be making changes to their house layout, moving on to their next home, maybe they're restoring something and the first person they think of to help with their project is me and it's Regency Antiques. It's very satisfying to know they feel safe in our hands and that they know I'll do my very best to help them achieve their aims.

We can do repairs to stained glass panels "Dave, Dave, Dave, I need a door this size but I don't think it will be possible..." Then I get the delight as I show them how I can do their period door to the dimensions and finish and so on, as needed.

Then I get the call "My son came home last night and fell into the stained glass door and broke it, can you help?"

The utter amazement as I not only repair it, "but leave it looking like it had never been touched," to quote one of my recent customers. to which my reply is always the same "It's what I do!"

I love it sometimes when I'm left alone to repair a leaded glass panel and when I've finished the customer can't remember where the broken panel was.

It's not being smug, it's just an achievement and a little bit of pride. 

Word of mouth is how I built my reputation and business, long before websites were around, lol! Then of course the beauty of the website is that it puts me in touch with like minded people, such as you reading this. Joking aside, I return to my original point, it makes us feel really good when customers return again and again. I had a lady just this week order a door from me who first ordered from me fifteen years ago. It makes me think "I must be getting something right" Every effort always goes into trying to make sure the finished item looks the part as well as doing the job it's required for.

Sometimes when you start the job the work takes you in a different direction or inevitably requires more than first imagined, but then that's just the nature of the product, that's the nature of the work, sometimes it can put timelines out but everyone can always rest assured that's only because we're striving to achieve the very best possible end product we can and it's always worth it in the end.

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Pair of industrial multiglazed doors

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We Love It!

Hi Dave

Had the door hung yesterday and it looks fab. We love it.



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