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The Daunting Prospect of the Full House...

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It can be a little daunting prospect when a customer contacts you and their requirement is a house full of period doors, all different dimensions and four or five are to be stained glass.

Fortunately when you come to Regency Antique Trading Ltd it's a process we've mastered over many years of dealing, handling and preparing this type of order.

It starts with recognising that every one's taste is different even though the basic principal is the same. I do recall one particular challenge where the customer wanted to break the house rooms into eras in that their idea was to create a Victorian, an Art Deco and a 1930s room with each  having an entrance door of stained glass of the period. An interesting request but they came to us with the trust that our knowledge could help them achieve their goal. 'AND WE DID'  The result was three superb stained glass doors, all looking like they had always been there.

The challenge gets even harder when the requirements are for all the stained glass to be matching, because when we're working with original panels it means we have to have sufficient quantity of one design in stock to create the number of door  panels required. Obviously we can always go to the route of making the panels fresh and to match but there is always a sense of achievement when we can create the panels from our existing original pieces in stock.

The doors are not normally the issue as we carry so many in stock and are constantly working with them to fit dimensions requirements. The glass however can be a little more limiting when trying to obtain quantities of any one particular design.

Because of our extensive knowledge and length of time working with these products we usually find the way to accommodate most customers dream orders.

The aim at Regency Antique Trading Ltd is always to try and achieve the goal of beautifully finished period doors. Some jobs may be a little more challenging than others but what's life without a challenge? We'll always step up to the mark and figure it out.

Our company is based in the heart of Englands Black Country where our ancestors were called upon to produce, build and achieve. Everyday, we try to honour our past.

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They Look Great!

All received thanks Dave. They look great.

- Jane

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