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Some Questions and Answers...

If your question is not answered here, please submit a question on our "Ask Dave" form and we will assist you in any way we can. We usually answer all questions within one business day. Alternately, for a more immediate response call us on 01384 868 778.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver nationwide. We use regular safe couriers for individual items or quantity loads. Stained glass doors are delivered by private courier to protect the safety of the glass.

How do I measure for the door I need?

If you already have a frame in, the best measurement is frame rebate to frame rebate (i.e where the door fits into) for the width and floor to frame rebate for the height. This will enable a nice shaved fit for the door...

If you only have the brick to brick opening we'll need to know the thickness of frame you will be having put in. If we are supplying frame as well we just need the brick to brick opening dimensions.

Are all your doors old reclaimed ones?

All of our stock doors are period doors.

The bespoke doors we produce are made from selected reclaimed timbers unless the timber is specified by the customer...

Can I cut a bigger door down?

Yes within reason. All Victorian/Edwardian doors were mortice and tenon construction, usually with haunched tenons in the centre and base rail so can be safely cut, but obviously you still want the door to look in proportion.

Do you repair doors?

Yes, because of our years of experience working with period doors we have an extensive knowledge of their construction and how to apply the TLC required to restore the door.

Is your stained glass old glass?

As with our doors all our stock glass is period reclaimed glass.

Can you alter a stained glass panel?

Yes we can reduce the size, increase the size, add to the panel, what ever is required.

Can you supply stained glass panels for my existing door?

Yes, we can supply refurbed and resized reclaimed panels to your dimensions. We can also make the panels completely from scratch if you have a specific design.

Would you fit stained glass panels into my door?

Yes, we will need the door to come into our workshop and we can fit your chosen panels into the door.

How much will my job cost?

Nearly every job is bespoke, so will be priced on what each customer requests, i.e type of door, glass, dimensions, We are happy to quote on the information supplied by the customer. The same applies for kitchen units and furniture.

What type of finish do you do?

Interior doors and furniture we use traditional natural waxes, (i.e beeswax and canuba wax) and microporous oils for kitchen units. We use natural water based stains wherever possible.

We use UV protective oils for exterior doors.

We do not involve with any painted finishes, for this you will need to organize your own decorator.

Do you do stained glass repairs?

Yes, we endeavor to match the replacement glass as close as possible to your existing glass.

Can we visit your shop?

Yes, anyone is welcome to visit us. It’s best to telephone before just to make sure there is someone here to help you.

Can we be put on your wants list?

Yes. Contact us with your requirements and we will give you priority and contact you when the item is available before putting it on general release

Can you copy my existing stained glass?

Yes! we have a team of very experienced craftsmen who will endeavor to copy your glass as close as possible.

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