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A Brief History of Regency Antiques

Regency Antiques is well known for the quality and craftsmanship of our reclaimed Victorian doors and stained glass windows. We are a highly regarded source of Edwardian and Victorian doors, both restored originals and new creations in reclaimed wood. Our restored stained glass windows are in huge demand. And we are admired for our authenticity and attention to detail.

Our clients often become friends, returning for more items when their families outgrow lovingly restored houses and move to new homes. We all know how that goes...

Our experience in the antiques trade had more humble beginnings 30 years ago, working an 8' market stall. Originally, we handled everything from Wade whimsies to giant arts and crafts bookcases. It was a colourful business. We shipped container after container of incredible British craftsmanship to wherever there was a demand, most often the United States.

Slowly but surely our focus was honed and we realized our true passion is in the restoration and rebuilding of fine artefacts. Doors, windows, entire period vestibule panels... Our passion became creating the dreams our customers bring to us.

We've met and made friends with a range of very experienced people along our way, all of which come into their own when helping us on the various projects.

So we now combine knowledge, experience, craftsmanship but most of all our passion to create, restore and supply our reclaimed products.

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Classic pair 1930s Douglas Fir Doors

1930s-stained-glass - detailed view


Hi Dave 


Just to confirm Steve delivered the doors this afternoon and they look great - thank you.  



Lee Cannon

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