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Restoration Notes #6
Land of a Thousand Doors

With over 1000 Victorian and Edwardian doors in stock, our answer is usually "Yes!"

The bemused look on some of our customers faces is priceless when they walk through our door and say "I'm looking for a...... Door..." barely completing their sentence, before noticing they are surrounded by just a fraction of the huge quantity of Victorian and Edwardian doors I carry in stock. (FYI: It's around 1000 doors at this point in time).

Measure to the rebate not the door
Measure the rebate not the door or else!

Whether in person, by email or phone call, "I'm looking for a door..." is usually the starting point and then we start to explore either what's wanted or what I can create for you.

I know it's a bit of a cliché but I really have and do make dreams come true. Calling upon decades of handling, viewing and dealing with period features but then having the ability and knowledge to use modern applications to make it work in a modern environment i.e. double glazed stained glass door panels, using toughened glass in areas of necessity, applications to the timber for it's added protection...

"Can you alter that door to do this...?"

"Can you turn it into that?"

"Can you supply this size, that size, the other size...?" Etc, etc..

Nine times out of ten the answer is a resounding "Yes!"

With around a thousand period doors in stock, perhaps the largest selection of Victorian and Edwardian doors in the UK, I can accommodate most sizes and shapes of door. For the really obscure dimensions, at Regency Antique Trading Ltd, we have the knowledge and ability to reconstruct a door to the dimensions required. By this I don't simply mean cutting the door to size, which usually leaves the door completely out of proportion and looking quite stupid, but to actually dismantle and reconstruct the door to the required dimensions, thus keeping everything in balance. Our finesse, our attention to even the smallest detail is why at Regency Antique Trading Ltd are often asked to provide complete sets of period doors, for an entire house.

I always remind customers, when you're dealing with properties of a certain age, there is no such thing as either standard or average dimensions. When the earlier properties were built, the wall opening was made and then the door and frame was made to fit it. So whether you are replacing and entire set of vintage doors, or just a few, it's worth taking the time to take individual measurements for every doorway, and remember it's the rebate (inside of the door frame) you measure not the existing door.

In a nut shell what I'm trying to say is you just give us your requirements and we'll bend over backwards to complete it.

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Hi Dave


Thank you! The door knocker has arrived safely and is is lovely. Thank you for the extra effort in posting to NZ.


Cheers Carlo


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