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It's been while since I've had time to sit down and share one of these restoration notes with you. It really seems that more and more people when replacing their doors are looking for an authentic, period and original door. Well thats our experience anyway. We are getting a lot of requests right now, for doors, and and especially doors with stained glass panels and that lead me to sit down and write a little note about our stained glass work.

Stained Glass Panels

After 30 years in the antique trade, Regency Antique Trading Ltd has handled pretty much just about everything in our time, but these days we specialise working with period doors and stained glass. When I say specialise, I mean specialise, whether it be repairing a broken period glass lead panel, reshaping an existing piece or making the whole panel from scratch to the customers specifications.

stained glass panel
Restored Stained Glass Panel

The same principal applies with our period doors, either supplying some of the finest examples of restored antique doors from our stocks, restoring and repairing the customers own doors or making specific pieces from scratch in our joinery shop.

Then of course tallying the two by matching the doors to the customers selected glass.

Over the years the one thing that has always stood out is the need to allow sufficient time on your projects if you want them done right. Don’t cut corners because you’ll only end up having to do it again. Talk to craftsmen of experience and ask why it takes the time it does and what’s involved.

The one thing for sure is the quality of a period restored piece will never be surpassed by that of a new replacement.

The peace of mind and satisfaction of enjoying and owning something that carries real history with it offers a truly heartwarming, long term reward.

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- Adrian

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