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The Double Glazing Myths Exploded

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I thought we needed to step into the 21st century for a moment. I regularly get asked if it is possible to make stained glass panels into double glazed units without replacing them with the awful modern look alike attempts. 

Many of our customers tell us that they have had double glazing companies tell them that this is not possible. The reason these companies say this is purely because they either don't know how or don't have the craftsmanship/skill set to do so.

In this little blog I just want to put the record straight. We regularly make existing stained glass windows into double glazed units, although technically triple glazed units. we can do this with your existing stained glass panels ready for your replacement plastics if that's the route you're going for or timber frames if the rebate is big enough. We can also make the units from scratch for a specific design or turn the door panel into a unit.

I guess what I'm trying to say is don't listen to a double glazing company take on it, get a professional input and then make an informed decision. We will offer information on all types of these aspects based on 30 years of knowledge. Sometimes the situation may be better suited by a secondary glazing technique which we can sort for you. This can sometimes be the best option with a front door with safety glass.

So just to repeat, if you would like to keep your beautiful original stained glass windows and have them made into units, or have units produced in the lovely traditional manner, the answer is yes it can be done you just have to talk to the right people....US!

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Very nice stained glass door

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That looks amazing! Thanks Dave. You are a star.

- Carla

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